Jurnal Sistem Informasi, 2004

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Hendra Azis, Hariyanto Hariyanto, SKom, MMSI


The development program for web applications is one thing that becomes the
motivation and challenge to the designer and creator of the website is to further
improve the quality of websites that they make, in order to compete with pernacang
makers and other websites.
The development of technology for web designing and manufacturing animatif
already begun at the time of the Macromedia Flash attendance, Karen aflash is an
application program that can create animation which is very dynamic and can be used
for making a website in order to become animatif. Presents an interesting website,
and not saturated in terms of appearance is a fundamental problem for designing
websites. Layout, game color and animation are elements that need to be taken into
account in making a website, then the application of science in graphic design and
application programs such as Macromedia Flash to be the main thing in designing
Realizing that the future world of information is the internet, then the scientific
writing of the author tries to build a website with the view that animatif using
Macromedia Flash 5.0 on the website or homepage talimerah.com

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